A land and its history
Vineyards and bell towers. These are the horizontal and vertical lines that characterise the lush foothills north of the Marca, an extensive length of greenery that reaches as far as the foothills of the Trevigiane Pre-Alps.
One bell tower and one Pieve - or Parish - above all others have left their mark on the history of this land: the Pieve di San Pietro di Feletto, founded around the VII century. The small church represents one of the more precious artistic artefacts of the territory, with its cycle of twelfth-fifteenth century frescoes in the nave and inside the spacious arcade, from which visitors enjoy a spectacular view of the vineyards of the Spagnol family.
San Pietro di Feletto and all the surrounding towns still stand witness to centuries of history, from the reigns of powerful seigniories up to the painful scars left by the two World Wars of the past century.