An intense spring

The end of winter and the arrival of spring are always intense moments for our family and our company.

In the vineyards, in the cellar
2016 began with the usual work in the vineyards, which means pruning, while keeping an eye on the weather. Every year the climate is new, if we compare it to a few decades ago and, of course, with the exception of a couple of weeks in the month of January, we cannot define the current season as “wintry”. So our thoughts always run towards a sudden drop in temperatures, which can mean a frost, which is possible up until the first days of April.
In the cellar, there is the customary hustle and bustle, as during the Easter period we bottle "IL FONDO”, our "traditional” wine. This is the oldest expression of Prosecco, the one defined as “Prosecco Ancestrale”, or the version that calls for a re-fermentation in the bottle during the spring and aging on its own yeast in the bottle until consumed.
For us it is "our grandparents’ wine".
Light, but with a crisp structure, and absolutely dry.
This characteristic makes it the perfect wine for any dish, but we have to recommend that you try it with the cuisine of Treviso, and in particular with the skewer that is often served around here.

On the territory
The end of winter heralds blossoming, not only of primroses and forget-me-nots in meadows and woods, but also of local festivities and opportunities to welcome travellers and tourists who are passing through our hills.
And naturally our wine, the CONEGLIANO VALDOBBIADENE DOCG PROSECCO SUPERIORE is the centre of attention.

So here is the PRIMAVERA DEL PROSECCO SUPERIORE: an event we have participated in for years and takes place during the months of March and April, stopping in all the towns and cities in the DOCG district. And every destination welcomes wine tastings and samples of local cuisine, combined with visits to artistic and natural attractions that make this territory so unique.
Our wines will be present at the shows in Col San Martino, San Pietro di Barbozza, and Colbertaldo, which are the towns closest to our establishment.

Here is the link where you can find all the information to participate.

In Europe
We have recently concluded an important commitment in Düsseldorf, from the 13th to the15th of March, for the PRO WEIN.
This is a very well-organised sector fair that continues to gain in popularity, reserved for sector operators. We were favourably impressed last year during our debut there, and we haven’t changed our minds!

In Italy
Last but not least, the appointment with the most important Italian event for the world of wine, now in its 50th edition: VINITALY, from the 10th to the 13th of April.

This will also be a special edition for us, as it is the first time that we will have an exclusive space all to ourselves.
You will no longer find us inside the collective stand of our Consortium, but rather in


We will be waiting to welcome you, with our Conegliano Valdobbiadene surrounded by many images of our territory, the vineyards, and those who help us take care of them and produce our bottles of wine.
And there’s more news to come, as you will discover the new label of RIVE di Solighetto, a wine that speaks to our soul.
We are curious to see if you will like it!

Our 2015 grape harvest

For those who cultivate grapevines, harvest the fruit and transform it into wine, like we do, the moment of the vendemmia (or harvest) is the most beautiful of the year.
Of course it is also a period when we hold our breath for weeks on end, looking up into the sky for changes in the weather. It is certainly the most intense and tiring; but it is also a fatigue that melts into joy and satisfaction when we see the crates filled with golden and fragrant bunches of grapes.

We can immediately anticipate that 2015 is without a doubt a good year for our grapes - not excellent - but good. Indeed, in contrast to what is generally believed, not only the sun and high temperatures determine a quality vendemmia.
The summer that is now coming to an end did now produce grapes of very high quality because it was very hot, with minor temperature changes between day and night. Rainfall was not distributed uniformly over the months.
For Glera, the variety of grape we cultivate to make Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore, light is more important than the temperature, because the sunlight allows it to ripen. The excessive heat, instead, causes scottature, or burns, like what happened this year. The second fundamental element is the day-to-night temperature changes, which enable the acidity of the grapes to reach adequate levels.
Glera is a very vigorous variety, or generous in terms of expansion of the vegetation and in the quantity of bunches produced. The grapes of this variety that ripen in the strongly inclined hillsides, like ours, can easily manifest problems due to drought in years like 2015, so we have to pay very close attention to the development of the plant.
One question that might arise spontaneously is: why don’t you irrigate the vineyards? In our hilly territory, irrigation is allowed only in an "emergency" situation, to prevent the plants from suffering excessively or from permanent damage.
During these months, we have used water only twice and only on those vineyards that gave signs of burning.
The moment of the harvest is decided according to the ripening of the grapes, which is measured by tasting them, and it can be understood by the reading of the data gathered.
We are now at the end of this vendemmia 2015. We didn't wait longer to harvest because we are not seeking high sugar values in the grapes, but rather the perfect ripening that makes it possible to transfer its characteristic freshness and intense perfumes to our Spumante.

Springtime of Prosecco 2015: our hillsides are abloom!

The spring arrives in our hills like a sort of green explosion that all of a sudden colours and brightens every corner of the vineyards and meadows.
The first buds of Glera grapes appear on the tips of the vines and the crowns of the fruit trees dot the gardens and meadows with white and pink.
A true feast for the eyes that becomes a banquet for the palate and nose as well, because from March until June, together we celebrate the arrival of warm weather with wine and food shows and festivals that involve all the little towns of the district of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore.
Every town holds shows in some of the most scenic places and offer tastings of typical products of the Treviso territory and, above all, of our Prosecco DOCG wines. But there are also organised walking tours, bicycle and horseback riding itineraries, hiking trails, guided visits, concerts, and evening galas and much more...
This is a true carousel of taste and pleasure, a full immersion into our identity and our history, narrated by each individual segment of vineyards and sky.
Naturally, we are happy to participate every year.
Until June, there are so many things to do and see. Find the complete programme here.

Two weeks flat out with Prosecco, DOCG naturally!

From Sunday, 15 to Wednesday, 25 March, a real tour will bring us to Düsseldorf in Germany for our debut at Prowein, followed by Verona for the traditional appointment with Vinitaly.
This year, we have once again decided to present ourselves, together with other producers like us, at the stand set up by the Consorzio Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore, because we feel we are part of a territory with great potential, not only in terms of productivity, but also culturally and environmentally.
For this reason, we exploit every possible opportunity to promote beauty and other features, together with our wines, that are an expression and symbol of the same.
It would be a pleasure to meet you and exchange some opinions. You can find us here:

15 – 18 March: Prowein, Düsseldorf – PAV 15 Stand F21

22 – 25 March: Vinitaly, Verona – PAV 8 Stands i2 – i3 - i4

Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th, and Monday 9th of Februa

Three intense days in Milan. With us.

For next week we are planning three days in Milan on the occasion of our 4th participation at Milan FOOD&WINE Festival, which together with the International Congress of Cuisine - “Identità Golose”, is one of the most important events in the Italian food&wine calendar.
Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th and Monday 9th will be three intense days of tasting with many wine producer colleagues from all over Italy. There will also be 19 well-known chefs who will be the stars of the show-cooking events planned for all three days.
We are proud and pleased to offer you yet another reason to come visit us: we would like to ask you to leave your comment about our new vintage of Rive di Solighetto. We are bottling it now and its debut will take place in Milan.

The event will be a pleasant journey, with a glass in hand, amongst great wines, top quality raw materials and not only delicious - but sometimes also intriguing and spectacular - meals.
In other words, come to Milan for a good time you won't want to miss.
Come discover it with us.

Click below to find the program and details about the event

Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 November

The FIVI Winegrowers’ Market – Piacenza

We will be at the Piacenza Fair on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 November together with many winegrowing colleagues from every region for the 4th edition of the FIVI Winegrowers’ Market – Piacenza, the largest market of independent Italian artisan wines.
The event is organised by FIVI – Federazione italiana vignaioli indipendenti (Italian Independent Winegrowers Federation), of which we are members, and is dedicated to wines produced by those winegrowers who directly follow each and every step of wine production, from the vineyards to the bottle, just like we do.
This is a trade fair that we have participated in since its first edition, because we can meet the public directly and discuss about our work and our wines, as well as have them tasted and bought by those who enjoyed and appreciated them. This is a unique opportunity to discover and acquire artisan wines; the setting is informal and convenient for visitors, who find plenty of parking and can easily browse inside the Fair with practical shopping carts.
Shopping carts? Of course! Because the winter holiday season is just around the corner and we are convinced that the best-loved gifts are good wines. This is why we will be offering our Col del Sas and our Rive.
Stop by and chat with us. It will be a pleasure to exchange some seasonal greetings with you.

Piacenza Expo: Piacenza fair district, adjacent to the Piacenza Sud motorway exit.

Find all the details of the event at

Image from the 2013 Winegrowers’ Market
© Mauro Fermariello

Image from the 2013 Winegrowers’ Market
© Mauro Fermariello

Monday, 10th November

Spagnol Col del Sas at the Merano WineFestival – Merano (BZ)

The Merano WineFestival. An event that for 23 years has been selecting and offering thousands of visitors only the best products on the Italian and European wine panorama, has selected our wine cellar as one of the NEW ENTRIES 2014.
As a result, on Monday, 10th November, from 10 am to 5 pm, we will be among the exhibitors in the splendid Kurhaus, the age-old spa building that welcomed vacationing German to the historic centre of Merano.
Experiencing the Festival at least once is truly a moment that any wine-lover will not want to miss: a beautiful setting, sophisticated interiors, and above all hundreds of the best companies and wines from all over Italy and more.
Being selected by the WineFestival is the acknowledgment of our continued commitment to guaranteeing the quality of each step of our production process.
We are very satisfied and are pleased to invite you to stop by for a greet-and-meet and to enjoy a celebratory toast with us.

This link provides the full programme and all the details on the event.

The city of Merano in autumn, surrounded by woods and snowy peaks.
© Laura Sbalchiero

The beautiful central hall of the Kurhaus during the Festival.
© Laura Sbalchiero

18th – 19th October

We are at EIN PROSIT, Malborghetto (UD)

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th October, we will be with our Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG at the XVI edition of Ein Prosit, the event we have looked forward to participating in for years because it is well-organised and interesting. The venue is a Venetian Palace brimming with atmosphere that, together with the small town of Malborghetto, stand witness to centuries of cultural exchanges between the Italian Valcanale and the German and Slav territories just a few kilometres over the Tarvisian Mountains.
During the two day-long Ein Prosit, you will be able to taste a selection of wines from Fruili, Veneto, and other regions together with gourmet products by small craftsmen, as well as learn more about the important vineyards and cuisine of chefs known throughout Italy.
Find all the details at http.//
We are looking forward to meeting you there an sharing a glass of wine!

Palazzo Veneziano di Malborghetto
© Johann Jaritz